What is blogging and how to start?

There are many video creators on Facebook that are frustrated because they can’t monetize viral videos or videos from famous people and personalities. That is a sure way of getting a violation from Facebook and getting their pages to lose the ability to monetize. But we all know that these kinds of content attract more viewers and more earnings.

What if I tell you that there is a way to use these viral trends and famous personalities to make money? Would you be interested to hear about that? Here is a solution on how you can use famous personalities and viral trends.

What you can do is BLOG about them! That is one way to use their popularity and attract a lot of viewers. When you have a lot of viewers, you gain more traffic and then, more earnings!

In this post let’s talk about the basics of what blogging is, how to start, what you need, and how you can monetize your blog.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing articles and featuring images, then publishing them on a website.

There are some creators that’s still confused about VLOGGING and BLOGGING. So let’s explain that first so we can put it out of the way.

The difference between VLOGGING and BLOGGING is the content being produced and where those content is being posted.

Vlogging involves creating video content and publishing them in a video streaming platform such as Youtube or Vimeo.

While blogging, on the other hand, is producing written articles or content that are published in a website or any publishing platforms such as Medium.

Now that the issue of vlogging and blogging is out of the way, let’s talk about blogging.

Blog is the term used for the content that a blogger creates. It can be a written article or set of images with some texts.

Written articles can be from a creator’s personal experience or about a certain topic or niche that a creator chooses to write about.

There are blogs that uses more images, such as travel blogs or photography, design blogs. They might use texts to explain what their images are about, but they mostly post great pictures.

viral, trending, current content

How can you use famous personalities and viral trends on blogging?

It is much safer to use famous personalities and viral trends in a blog than in a vlog.

The reason for this is because for vloggers, they tend to just grab a video from that viral content or famous personality, which is technically not theirs. So it’s considered infringement of copyright when you grab someone else’s video.

In blogging, you are writing your own article about a certain topic. So in essence, that is your own original content. So there is little chance for a copyright violation when you are creating an original content.

It’s a win for the blogger because he is piggy banking on the popularity of a person or a situation. So, he has access to a lot of audience that are also curious about the trending person or topic. More audience means more traffic.

Just a word of caution, viral trends are not evergreen content.

When the popularity of the trend wanes out, traffic to your post might also get low. So you’ll have to keep that in mind.

When we say evergreen content, they are content that can stand the test of time and season. They are topics that people continue to search for months and years to come. So they are a good source of topic on any given time.

how to start blogging

How to start blogging?

Find your niche.

Before you start blogging you’ll need to to pick a niche. Niche is a certain topic that you will write about.

When picking a niche, it’s best to start with what you already know. It’s hard to learn a new topic to write. It will also lead to burnout. So sticking to what you know will make it easier for you to create content.

Some niches are more profitable than others. So it’s important to think a lot about your niche before you start blogging, especially if you are planning to monetize them.

Some of the more profitable niches for blogging are:

  • Personal financial and investing
  • Health and fitness
  • Marketing or business-related
  • Food/recipes
  • Personal development

You’ll need to start writing.

In order to become a blogger, you’ll need to become a writer. You can practice our writing skills every day. Just make it a habit to write for one or two hours a day and it will build your skills in writing.

If you are to monetize your content, you’ll also need to learn about SEO or Search Engine Optimization so you’ll know how to structure your article so that Google will recognize and rank it on its search engine.

What you’ll need to start blogging

In order to start blogging, you’ll need three things. These will be the basic foundation of your blog. After these three things, you might need additional tools depending on what kind of blog you are trying to create or if you will have additional monetization you want to build with your blog.

  • A domain name
  • A hosting provider
  • And a website builder

We will dig deeper into these tools in the coming days. I’ll write a separate post for this.

Some ways you can monetize a blog

When it comes to monetization, there are several ways you can do that on our blog. You can either just do one monetization or you can create several monetization on one blog.

Here are some examples of ways to earn from your blog:

Ad network

This is, by far, the most common monetization for bloggers. Some examples of ad networks are Google’s adsense, Ezoic, and Mediavine.

Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing means you, as a creator, will promote the products and services of a company. In return, the company will pay you a commission on every person that will click a link that you will provide and buy from it.

Being part of an affiliate program is the first monetization that you can make on your blog. It doesn’t need much traffic to be eligible for an affiliate program. But you’ll need audience and some good marketing skills to become successful on affiliate marketing.

You can dive deeper into affiliate marketing on this article.


If you are creating great content that you think your audience will surely pay for, you can build a paywall around your exclusive content. Your audience can only access this content if they pay for it. 

Most big news publishers and digital magazines uses paywall to monetize their content.


If you already have an established website with a decent source of traffic, you can also try selling your own products. These can be physical products that you might ship to anyone that will buy them or a digital product that can be downloaded from your site. 

Digital products are more convenient to sell because it doesn’t need inventory. Although when it comes to physical products, you can apply the dropshipping model so it will be more convenient for you to sell them.

There are many ways of becoming a content creator. If you fail or suck on one, there are still other ways you can create content for an audience. You’ll just need to learn new things and experience new ways.

Wnat ever path you take, be it becoming a vlogger or a blogger, I’m rooting for you.

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