How Content Creators Make Money On Facebook?

how to monetize a facebook page: 6 awesome ways

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In this article let’s talk about ways on how a content creator can make money on the  Facebook platform.  Let’s also know the different requirements each monetization tools require to be eligible for monetization.

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As early as 2015, Facebook has been talking about monetizing its platform, especially videos on its platform. It starts with beta testing Facebook pages of big brands. It’s only in 2018 that Facebook has finally rolled out its monetization to all pages. 

Facebook monetization started with only three tools, but now, it has six monetization tools for content creators. 

Just a reminder, every monetization tool will not be available in all countries. You’ll have to research if the monetization you want is available in your country. 

Let’s take a walk at what these six Facebook monetization tools are!

1. In Stream Ads 

Facebook monetization tool:  in stream ads pic


With Facebook in stream ads, you can earn money by putting ads on qualified videos. This is one of the well-known monetization tools that most Facebook admins do because it’s the easiest one.


  • Features

     In stream ads will need 3-minute long videos on your Facebook page because this is where Facebook will put ads on. Ads might be placed on the start (pre-roll), middle (mid-roll ads), at the end (post-roll ads), or under (banner ads) your video. You will earn a certain amount on every 1000 ad impressions (person that will watch the ads) on your videos. This kind of Facebook monetization tool is suitable for pages that post 3-minute long videos and that have videos that are suitable for ads. 

  • Requirements

In order for your page to be eligible for Facebook in stream ads monetization you’ll need to fulfill these requirements:

2. Brand Collaboration 

Facebook monetization tool: brand collaboration

Another Facebook  page monetization tool is brand sponsorship. Brand collaboration is a monetization tool where your page gets discovered for brand deals and sponsorships. Just be mindful that it’s harder for small pages to land a deal or sponsorship compared to big and famous pages. 


  • Feature

Pages that would fit for brand collab are pages that have active and loyal followers, pages that post original videos and pictures, and pages that have niches in which brands would not see as risky. 

3. Fan Subscription

Facebook monetization tool: fan subscription

Fan subscription is  where your loyal followers can show their support to your page. Your followers can pay a monthly recurring amount to become one of your supporters. In return, supporters are given a supporter badge, exclusive content, and personal interactions with the admins of the page. 

  • Feature

Fan subscription is great for creators that have active and loyal followers. It’s also suitable for creators and brands that have added value to offer to supporters. When you apply for a fan subscription make sure that you have exclusive things that you can offer to your supporters because that’s what fan subscription is all about. 

 4. Stars

Facebook monetization tool: stars

Facebook stars is a tool that allows gaming creators to monetize their live streams. Stars are created initially, for gaming video creators. But right now Facebook is beta testing to make stars available to other content creators.  

  • Feature

With Stars, viewers can buy stars and send them to the content creator while he’s/she’s streaming. Fans are also able to send virtual gifts, that have different amounts attached to them, to creators while they’re streaming. Creators earn 1 cent for every stars they will receive.

  • Requirements

(These requirements are for gaming video creators. Because stars for content creators is still on beta testing, there’s still no clear guidelines and requirements.) 

    • At least 100 page followers
    • You have a VIDEO GAMING CREATOR Facebook page
    • Stream in a Facebook stars eligible country
    • Stream a video gaming content for at least four hours and for at least two days in the last 14 days
    • Meet the Community Standards and Partner Monetization Policy of Facebook 

5. Paid Online Events

Facebook monetization tool: paid online event example

Paid Online Events  or POE was created last year by Facebook amidst the pandemic.  Facebook wanted to create a platform to replace lost revenue from in-person events for those content creators affected by the pandemic. It can also help reach new online audience,  build a virtual stage, and get paid all in one platform. 

  • Feature

Facebook page monetization with paid online event is when you earn money by hosting online events that guests can pay to attend

6. Instant Articles

Facebook monetization tool: instant articles

According to Facebook, Instant Articles is a native format where publishers can create fast and interactive articles on Facebook. You can compare Instant Articles into a website where your blogs or articles are housed. The only difference is that Instant Articles is within Facebook’s platform. 

  • Feature

For Facebook  page monetization through Instant Articles, you’ll need a website that would be linked to your page. Articles from this website will be migrated to the Facebook platform where Facebook can put ads on them. Instant Articles is best for article publishers/bloggers that have quality content and active readership. 

  • Requirements

    • Your page has to be based on an eligible country
    • It will need to comply with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policy
    • Minimum readership must be 1,500 Facebook views per day

So those are the ways on how you can monetize your Facebook page. I hope you get value out of this article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask them in the comment box. If you want updates about social media monetization, please don’t be shy subscribing on our newsletter. ‘Till next week fellow admins!


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