How To Find Your Facebook Page Niche?

how to find your facebook page niche
how to find your facebook page niche

You’re thinking of creating a Facebook page to monetize but you don’t know what kind of page. Do stick around and read along as we teach you how to find your Facebook page niche and what niche is all about. 

With billions of people using Facebook every day, it’s impossible to serve all of those audiences. That’s why it’s imperative that you know how to find a profitable niche before you create your page and upload content on it.

What is a niche?

But before we know how to find a niche, let’s first find out what is the meaning of a niche?

According to Oxford language, a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. Let’s just say, it’s a much smaller part of a pie. 

An example of this would be my own website. My website’s pie or market is social media management and monetization. But we all know there are many kinds of social media, there are Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. But mine is particularly around Facebook management and monetization, that’s my niche. 

Another example of this is if you’re talking about animals or pets as a market, you can have a niche for cats. But you can still get a much smaller and targeted niche by talking about Siamese cats only.

So niche is a much more targeted or segmented part of a much broader market.

But why do you need a niche? 

Just like any business, it’s much wiser that you discover and create a niche. When your Facebook page has a niche, there’s more chance that the right followers will come to your page. 

Marketer’s has this quote which says, “Don’t try to serve everyone because you will end up serving no one.”  The more targeted your message, the more successful you will be.

Another reason why you should know your niche is so that you can stand out from the others. When you can distinguish yourself from others in a similar market, you build authority and brand. 

How do you find your niche?

In finding your niche there are some questions that you have to answer first.

  • Are people actively searching for videos/content associated with your niche?

Research about your niche. Do people actively search for videos associated with your niche? You can type in keywords on Google, Youtube, or Facebook to find out if people are searching for them.

  • Are people watching long hours of videos associated with your niche?

Also part of researching your niche is knowing if a lot of people are watching videos related to your niche. Search videos related to your niche and look if a lot of people are watching them or which part people might be watching. 

  • Do you see other people monetizing sites or pages just like your niche?

Also look if these videos are monetised, maybe through Google’s adsense or through Facebook’s in stream ads

  • Can you create quality content out of this niche? 

 There are certain rules that you have to follow in creating content for a Facebook page. It would be wise if you will first read and understand the content monetization guidelines of Facebook before creating your contents.

  • Do you have a personal interest in this niche? 

It’s also very important that you have a personal interest on the niche that you are trying to create. It’s important because you will be spending a lot of time creating content on your niche. If you don’t have any interest in it, you will easily get burned out. 

List of Facebook Niches

Here is a list of niches that you can use for your Facebook page:

  • Entertainment/Humor
    • Comedy skits
    • Funny fails and behind the scenes
    • Funny animal videos
  • Animals
      • Cute animal videos
      • Amazing or inspiring stories related to animals
  • Current events/trending news
  • Cooking show
  • Sports
  • How to/Tutorials
  • Reaction/Commentary videos
  • Motivational/Inspirational

Evergreen Niches

When we talk of niche, it’s also important to talk about evergreen content. So, what is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date. It revolves around a topic that’s always relevant to readers, regardless of the current news cycle or season. 

The reason why evergreen content is much better is that it doesn’t rely on trends and virals. With evergreen content, you always have a stream of people searching for them. Trending videos and content only last until the trend wanes out, unlike evergreen content that’s always relevant and being searched by people.  

Evergreen Content Examples

Evergreen content examples that you might use are:

  • Love/romance/relationship
  • Food
  • Saving/Investing
  • Parenting
  • Pet care
  • Jobs/Entrepreneurship
  • Health

There are also content forms that are more evergreen such as:

  • Listicles
  • Top tips
  • How to/explainer
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorial/educational
  • Documentaries

So there you go! These are the things that you need to know when researching on how to find your niche. I hope this will help you in creating and monetizing your Facebook page. If you think someone would need to know these things, please feel free to share this article with them.

By adminkat

Katherine is content creator. She has been handling social media accounts for six years. She has created content ranging from graphics, to videos, audiograms, blogs, and podcasts. Her goal for this blog is to help other content creators create, grow, and monetize their content on social media.


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