How To Create An Optimized Facebook Page

how to create anoptimized Facebook page?

You’ve already found your niche,  now, it’s time to create an optimized Facebook page. If you’ve missed our article about finding your niche, you can catch up on this link. 

If your goal is to get monetized on Facebook,  you need to create a Facebook page because you can’t monetize a Facebook personal account. But you shouldn’t just create any Facebook page but an optimized Facebook page. A page that will be search-friendly and appealing to your would-be audience. 

So here are some informations that you have to know about optimizing your Facebook page.

What is an optimized Facebook page? 

It’s a Facebook page that applied basic SEO techniques on its page in order to increase organic visibility. It is a basic step in making your page as search-engine-friendly as possible. 

Here are some ways to optimize your Facebook page:

  • Create a Facebook page name that’s based on a keyword of your niche.

There’s no better way to optimize a page than its name. Choose a name that is relevant to your page’s niche. Make it short but sweet. Avoid using special characters too as Facebook will not let you use those on naming your page. 

  • Create a username or custom URL for your Facebook page. 

Custom URL or username, as Facebook calls it, is a great way to make your Facebook page’s address easier to remember and to recall. Before you can create a custom URL, your page must have at least a minimal amount of followers. Make your custom URL easy to remember and to spell.  

  • Make a cover photo that’s relevant to your Facebook page’s niche. 

Cover photos are an important part of your page. It’s your page’s billboard. That’s what they will first see when people come to your page. That’s why it’s important that your cover photo will convey your page’s message in an instant. 

According to Facebook, the optimal size for a cover photo is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. Make sure your photo is optimized for mobile.

facebook cover photo size
Facebook cover photo size

If you are skilled with Adobe, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to create your cover photo. But if you’re like me who has no skills with any Adobe products, we can also use Canva. With Canva, you get professional-looking templates of any graphic design that you might need. Everything is drag and drop, so it’s easier. If you would like to try Canva, just click on this link

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Tip: If you are not sure how big or small your text or picture should be so it will fit on mobile, just remember that three fingers to the left and right of your canvas will not be seen on mobile. So any important text or image should not be put on those areas. 

three finger tip
Three finger tip for your Facebook cover photo.
  • Design a profile pic that is eye-catching. 

Your profile pic is what people would see whenever your page will engage on groups and other pages, so it has to be visually appealing. Most people would put a logo on their profile pic to represent their page. 

When creating a profile pic, make sure that it’s sized as a square. Also, remember that it will be cropped into a round size when posted, so be sure that pictures or text are placed mostly on the center and not on the corners. 

You can also use Canva to make your logos. They have thousands of templates to get ideas from and thousands of elements for any niche that you might have. 

  •  Write an appealing description of your page, with keywords. 

Your description section is where you can go all out with your optimization. Create a good description of your page by telling people what your page is all about and sprinkling it with related keywords. Just make sure that your sentences and paragraphs will form a cohesive narrative and not just a group of keywords with no sense. 

Also, remember that the best form of writing is when you tell a story. Storytelling is a very effective creative technique because it can create an impact on your followers or other people.

  • Choose the right template. 

It’s important that you use the right template for the kind of page that you have. In each kind of template, you get tabs that are most relevant and useful to your page. If you are into monetizing your page through videos and livestream, a video template is the one that you should use. It has the necessary tabs that you will need to showcase your videos well. 

To edit your template, go to your page, settings, templates and tab, and then edit, from the choices, choose Video Page. 


creating an ooptimized page
Choose video page template for your page.
  • Put a CTA on your page based on your page’s category. 

CTA or Call To Action is telling people to do a certain action on your page. Your CTA button will depend on what niche or service your Facebook page has or offering. For a video creator page, Watch Now or Follow are the most used CTA button.  

To edit your CTA button, click the add a button or edit follow button on the top of your page (just under your pages name), then select which button you will use. 

creating ang optimized facebook page
You can use Follow or Watch Video button.

Page category 

There are two categories that are mostly used and needed to be used if your page is going to be used for Facebook monetization: one is video category and another is video gaming category. To put a category on your Facebook page, go to menu, edit page, category, and then type “video category” or “video gaming category”. 

Video category is for pages that will post mostly videos and will be monetized for in stream ads and brand collaboration.

Video gaming category is for livestreams and gaming streams. Monetization for video gaming category are stars and fan subscription. 

Page Roles 

There are five different pages roles for people that are managing a Facebook page. A person that creates a page will automatically become an admin of that page. The five different types of roles are: admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, and analyst. Each one has their own set of roles to do on a Facebook page, which you can read here.  

Remember that only an admin can assign and change other roles. 

That’s all we have for creating and optimizing a Facebook page. I hope you’ve learned something from this blog. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. If you think someone would benefit from this information, go right ahead and share this article to them. You can also subscribe to our email list to receive updates from us. See you on our next blog!


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