Facebook Management & Monetization

meta's penalty system blog cover

Meta’s Updated Penalty System

Meta has recently updated the way Facebook and Instagram accounts are getting penalized for unwanted content. The new penalty system will put less emphasis on immediately limiting people’s ability to post and more emphasis on educating users about why content has been removed

3 phishing scams to avoid

3 Phishing Scams That You Should Avoid

Many Facebook and Youtube admins fell victim to hackers and phishing scams.  They rely on the admins’ greed or fear of having their page deleted to trick them into clicking links that would provide them access to the page’s back end.

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Facebook Reels Are Now Available Globally

According to Meta, the company that owns Reels, Facebook’s short video feature has been made available in more countries. This is an effort to spread the reach of the social network’s fastest-growing content type.

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Facebook Fan Subscription And Groups Monetization Updates

Some fan subscription and group monetization updates that can make content creators excited.

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Facebook Guidelines That Creators Must Know

There are certain Facebook guidelines that a video creator on Facebook MUST know before even posting a content on their page. And because of this, Facebook has created several different guidelines to help users understand what is allowed and what is not for pages.

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4 Dangerous Facebook Violations To Avoid

There are four dangerous Facebook violations that a content creator should know. If you’re a newbie Facebook content creator, read on and learn.

how to monetize a facebook page: 6 awesome ways

How Content Creators Make Money On Facebook?

let’s talk about ways on how a content creator can make money on the  Facebook platform.  Let’s also know the different requirements each monetization tools require to be eligible for monetization.

how to create anoptimized Facebook page?

How To Create An Optimized Facebook Page

If your goal is to get monetized on Facebook,  you need to create a Facebook page because you can’t monetize a Facebook personal account. But you shouldn’t just create any Facebook page but an optimized Facebook page. A page that will be search-friendly and appealing to your would-be audience. 

how to find your facebook page niche

How To Find Your Facebook Page Niche?

With billions of people using Facebook every day, it’s impossible to serve all of those audiences. That’s why it’s imperative that you know how to find a profitable niche before you create your page and upload content on it.