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Last week, Facebook has announced some new and exciting changes and updates to Facebook fan subscription and Facebook groups. There are some updates that can make content creators excited. It includes some bonuses and monetization for them.

Let’s look at these new updates.

Updates on Fan Subscription

Fan Subscription is now called Subscriptions

Facebook has changed or shorten the Fan Subscription monetization tool into Subscriptions.

Fan subscription is a way in which a creator’s followers can give support to the creator buy paying him a monthly subscription fee in exchange for some exclusive perks or content.

Facebook fan subscription creator bonus

Creator bonus for every new subscriber from now until the end of 2021

From now until the end of 2021, creator get a bonus for every supporter that will sign up for Subscription. A creator can earn a $5 to $20 bonus for each sign up.

The bonus is an invite only program for now. You’ll also need to sign up to the program before it can be applied to your page. You’ll see if you are eligible for the bonus program on Creator Studio.

Ability to collect subscription fee through the creator’s own sign-up page

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When Fan Subscription was first introduces last year, there has been some complains from creators that Apple and Google’s in-app purchasing fee is a little bit step for them. With around 30% fee that will be deducted from a creator’s subscripiton earnings, it can really be a bit steep.

That’s why Facebook introduced another way of signing up supporters. Facebook introduced a new link where they can pay through Facebook Pay, where there is not in-app fees to be deducted. This way, creators will have 100% of their earnings.

Ability for creators to download their supporter’s email address

facebook fan subscription email list

If you are seriously considering earning an income as a content creator, my best advice is to get your supporter’s email address. For some newbie creators, they may not know the significance of an email list. But for those that has some experience already, they know that it is the best thing that they can have.

You see, unlike followers and subscribers, email list can forever be yours. Followers and subscribers can disappear if the platforms decided to delete your page or channel. But with an email list, you have it with you regardless if your channel or page gets deleted.

That’s why email list are important. You can send your supporters your content and any other offers through your email list.

New badges for Subscriptions’ supporters

facebook fan subscription supporter badges

Two new badges for supporters has been added. One is a supporter badge that you can see on livestreams and will indicate how long a person has been a supporter. And second one are anniversary badges that will be shown on a supporter’s subscription anniversary.

These are things that will make a supporter stand out and may feel a little bit more special than the rest of the followers.

Updates on Facebook Groups

*UPDATE: There has been no new updates on the status of monetization for groups.

At last week’s Facebook Communities Summit, Facebook’s, Maria Smith, Facebook Apps’ VP for Communities announced three new updates on monetization for groups and a load of other new features for groups.

Community Fundraiser

Facebook group community fundraiser

With community fundraiser, members of a group can help in group projects or show their support to the group buy donating some money. This is a great way for creators to earn while building their groups.

We all know you can’t sustain a group if everything is just for free. You’ll need some form of income to keep on making content for your audience.


Facebook group shop

If you are a content creator that is also selling merch on your page, you can now also put those merch on a group’s shop. It’s another way to earn an income from your audience.

Or if you are not yet creating merch, this might be the write opportunity to create one.

Paid Sub-groups

Facebook group's paid subgroup

Facebook will also be offering paid sub-groups. With these sub-groups, a creator can create a paid group on top of the main group to provide its members with exclusive contents. It is similar to the exclusive groups for fan supporters.

Aside from Fan Subscription, there are also other monetization tools for Facebook pages. You might wanna check them out.

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