5 Video Content Creator Tools You’ll Need

So you plan to become a video content creator on Facebook or on any platform for that matter. You’ve already picked your niche. You have created your Facebook page. Now, you’ll need to know what video content creator tools you’ll need.

It’s important that you think about this before you even do any video so you can also plan how you will shoot and edit them.

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Videos You Can Create For Facebook

But before we talk about video content creator tools you’ll need, let’s see first what kinds of videos you can make that can generate you some money.

Here are four kinds of videos that you can create for your Facebook page or other platform that can be monetized.

1. Animated Videos

Animated videos are fun and engaging kind of videos. It’s somewhat unique. So you have a bonus point there because it is not done by many other video content creators.

But it’s hard to create animation. That is a reason why not many creators are doing it. Luckily, there are some known software in the market that makes it easy to create animated videos. We’ll discuss that later on.

One very good example of animated videos that I love are the TED-Ed videos in Youtube and Facebook.

2. Tutorial, How-to, Tips

If you’re good at something, you might want to try to make tutorial videos. It’s much easier than doing animated videos. It’s also easy to come up with ideas if you are more knowledgeable with the subject you are talking about.

My own YouTube videos are on this category. I create tutorial videos about content creator monetization.

3. Vlog-type Videos

These are the typical videos that you can see on YouTube. It is mostly done by the creator talking in front of a camera. Creators may make unboxing videos, food or cooking vlogs, entertainment videos, etc.

4. Listicles/Explainer Videos

These are videos that uses a list-based format. It often enumerates several different subtopics on a certain topic in a number or bulleted form. Listicles are great because it is much easier to understand compared to a paragraph-format narrative.

You may use stock images or your own videos to create listicles.

One of the best example of listicles are the Buzzfeed videos.

Facebook Video Content Creator Tools You’ll Need

Now, let’s go to the tools part. Here are the basic tools that you will need to create a video.

You can add other equipment depending on what kind of video you are going to make. But if you’re just starting, this are the most basic that you will need.

1. Camera

The most important and basic tool that you’ll need as a Facebook video content creator is a camera. Your camera might be a high resolution camera on a phone or it can be a stand alone DSLR camera.

If you are just starting, I suggest to use what you have. You don’t need to spend just to get started. Just use your phone’s camera.

2. Mic

Another basic tools that you’ll need is a mic. A poor quality video can be forgiven, but a poor quality audio cannot.

For starters, you can use an ordinary earphone that you have. But as you produce more and more videos, it is better to get a good quality mic such as a Boya lavalier Mic or a shotgun mic.

You can make your life as a video content creator much easier by buying a vlogging kit. It contains all the basic equipment that you will use to produce videos. Of course, this will not include a phone or a camera.

3. Video Editor

Depending on the type of video that you will create, you’ll need a video editor to edit the videos that you shoot or to create a video from scratch.

Here are some video editors that you can use on creating different videos that are mentioned above.

Premier Pro/Sony Vegas/PowerDirector

premier pro and powerdirector logos

These are the typical video editing software that most video editors used. They are equipped to edit and style your videos professionally.

If you are an experienced video editor these are the tools that you are probably most comfortable using. These kinds of video editing software are best used for vlogging-style videos.

4. Canva

Canva logo

Canva started as an online graphic design tool. But now, it is so much more than that. It has evolved into a design, video and publishing tool all in one place.

With its latest update, it now has a video-editing capability. You can make a explanation or listicle videos using stock images and videos inside Canva from scratch. Or you can edit your own recorded videos and make it more appealing to your audience.

You can even plan, create, schedule or publish your content in different social media platforms inside the Canva itself. No need to download!

5. Invideo

Invideo logo

Invideo is an AI-powered video editing software. It comes with thousands of video templates that you can use to create any kind of videos.

There are three ways you can start a video with Invideo. You can either start from a blank canvas and let your creativity do the work. You can also use any of the templates provided by Invideo. If you are a blogger, you can convert your blogs into video. You can also customize it anyway you want.

For more tools that you can use on your content creation, you can check out our Tools and Resources page.

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