5 Things That Can Affect A Video’s Ads Earnings

things that can affect video's earnings

What affects a video’s ads earning? With the introduction of monetized videos, the earning potential of a video has sky-rocketed. If you are an aspiring video creator or an entrepreneur who wants to start making money through videos, this article will help you understand five things that can affect a video’s ads earning and how you can earn more money from your videos.

Your niche

Your niche will affect how much you earn per view in both the short and long term. The first reason is that certain niches have higher CPMs  than others.

The other reason is that if your niche has an engaged audience they’re more likely to subscribe or engage with your videos, which will give you more steady views over time than the random views you’ll get from people stumbling across your videos.

Finding your niche and looking for niche ideas will be very helpful in your page’s long term earning potential.

The country the video ad is being played in

A video’s revenue potential is also affected by the country the video ad is being played in

For example, if you’re playing ads to viewers in the US or UK, you could earn more by showing your video to someone in those countries than you would if you were showing it to someone in India or Pakistan. Why? It’s because of average ad prices in different countries.

Average ad prices in different countries can vary wildly, but generally speaking the most expensive regions tend to be North America (especially the United States), Germany, Australia and Japan.

The category of the video

A video’s earning potential is also being affected by its category. Videos that have sexual or violent content are disabled or limited from running ads, so they don’t earn money.

Advertisers determine the type of content that they would like their ads to appear on. They may consider various factors when selecting this content, such as whether it’s suitable for a general audience or if it contains sensitive subject matter.

The following are some examples of categories that may be considered sensitive or inappropriate for all audiences:

  •  Videos that contain profane or derogatory language
  • Content that displays or discusses gore or bodily conditions
  • Content that displays or discusses events that result in suffering, destruction or distress

On Facebook’s Content Monetization Guidelines, you’ll learn more about what kind of content to avoid.

The season of the year

The season of the year can also affect the earning potential of videos. Some topics are more popular at certain times of the year.

Sports videos are more popular in summer and winter, for example. Summer is popular for travel content, while winter is popular for Christmas shopping content. The days leading up to Valentine’s Day may be ideal for relationship advice videos.

This can affect how much advertisers are willing to pay for space on your videos.

The length of the video

The length of the video also has an effect on the earning potential of a video. The longer the video, the more chances there are for ads to be shown and for viewers to click on them.

However, if a video is too long, then some viewers may become bored or disinterested and leave before they can be monetized. It is important to consider the overall quality of your video when determining the optimum length of your video. 

If you have a great idea which can be clearly conveyed in 5 minutes then there is no need to extend the video unnecessarily. If you have a great idea that would work well over 5 minutes then extend it!

In Conclusion

There are a lot of factors that affect how much a video earns money but it is important to focus on making a video people will like to watch regardless of its earning potential.

Aspiring video creators should focus on the video experience, not on how much money they’re making. The former cultivates a fanbase that will watch your videos over and over and follow you to your next project.

Even if some of those viewers aren’t inclined to spend money, they’re still helping you build an audience that is likely to support you in the future. These fans are the key to gaining revenue in the long run, so remember to focus on them first when creating content and leave the monetization factors for later consideration.

Remember, good video content is more important than making a video with the potential to earn lots of money.

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