10 Video Editing Softwares For Your Videos

video editing softwares

Video editing softwares are one of the most important tool that you’ll use to create your Facebook videos. There are many kinds of videos that you can do on Facebook. Some examples would be commentary/reaction videos, tutorial videos, cooking videos, videos with voiceovers, animated videos, etc. 

If you still don’t know what kind of videos you will make, you can read our article about finding your niche here.  If you’re having a hard time creating your Facebook page, here’s a guide for you.  Now, let’s go back to our topic.

Whatever kind of video you will do, there will be a suitable video editor for it. So it’s important that you find the right video editing softwares for the kind of video that you will create. 

I will give you 10 video editing softwares that you can use to create your Facebook videos, and I will divide them into four groups: paid, free, screen recorder, and AI-powered. That way you can choose which one would fit your budget and the kind of videos that you will be making.  

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Adobe Premiere Pro premiere pro logo

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-standard when it comes to video editing. It’s a timeline-based video editing software that was created by Adobe and one of the suites in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

The best points of using Adobe Premiere Pro is, one, it’s really the industry standard for video editing. It has all the necessary features that you can use for any kind of videos. Another good benefit of Premiere Pro is that, because it’s part of the Adobe creative cloud, it integrates smoothly with the other suites of Adobe creative cloud. You can use it with After Effects or Photoshop very easily. 

One of the major disadvantages of Premiere Pro for a beginner content creator is it needs a powerful computer system. You can’t use it if you only have a 32-bit operating system on your computer. You also need a good amount of memory, storage, and graphics card in order for Premiere Pro to run smoothly. Another con of Premiere Pro is that it’s too complicated for a beginner or someone who doesn’t have a background in video editing. Another pain point of Premiere Pro is that its cost is a little bit steep. For $20.99 for a single app or $52.99 a month for the entire creative cloud, it’s a little bit over the budget of a beginner. 

powerdirector logoPower Director

Powerdirector is a video editing software that’s been created by Cyberlink. It also has an app version. It’s the video editor that I’ve used the longest.

One of the biggest pro for me of Powerdirector is it doesn’t need too much computer power. I own a second-hand computer of a measly 4GB memory and 100 GB storage. I am able to create good videos with my second-hand computer using Powerdirector. Compare it to a Premiere Pro where that kind of computer specs would not be enough. The only thing I can’t use on Powerdirector with these specs of computer is the motion graphic. 

Another pro is that it’s easier to learn as a beginner. It’s not as complicated as Premiere Pro in terms of features. It’s easy to learn, and Powerdirector has a Youtube channel where you can learn all the tricks and knowledge you need to be able to use this video editor. Powerdirector is also a bit cheaper than other video editing software. You can get a Powerdirector 19’s lifetime license for $99.99 or a Powerdirector 365 for $19.99 a month. You can check them all here

Tip: If you are planning to buy any kind of software, I suggest that you wait for Black Friday deals or other season sales before you buy. You will get a load of deals and discounts on these times.

The first thing that I dislike about Powerdirector is that sometimes it lags or hangs. Maybe it’s because of my computer, but it frustrates me sometimes when I’m editing and it just suddenly closes.  Another thing is that sometimes my PIPs get lost from their library and I have to search for them again and download them again. It’s also heavy on storage. 


openshot logo, free video editing softwareOpenshot

Openshot is a free and open-source video editing software for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s the only free editing software that I’ve tried. 

The first thing I like about the software is, of course, the fact that it’s free. It’s ideal for those content creator that are just starting out and doesn’t have the capacity to buy a video editor yet. The design of the editor is also good. You can select each one of the windows, rearrange them, or delete a portion that you don’t need.  You also don’t need too much computer power to download Openshot. I’ve been using it on my second-hand i3 laptop for a while, and it’s okay. 

Openshot can be a little bit intimidating for beginners. So you will need some time to learn the software. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube, so I don’t think learning the software would be a problem. You’ll just need to find the time to teach yourself. 

One feature that I don’t like with Openshot is that it doesn’t snap at each other. For example, you are going to trim a certain part of a clip, after you trim it you will be left with a gap from where you’ve trimmed a scene. You have to manually move the next clips. Other than that, everything is okay to use. 

davinci resolve logoDavinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a color correction and non-linear editing software that was originally developed by da Vinci Systems. It was later acquired by Blackmagic Design. There is a free version of Davinci called Davinci Resolve, and there is also a paid one, called Davinci Resolve Studio. It was created mainly for color creation but it can also be used for editing. You will need a lot of learning curve to become proficient on Davinci Resolve compared to Openshot. I’d say, it’s much more complicated than Openshot. 

Screen Recorder

screencast-o-matic logo, free screen recorder video editing softwareScreencast-o-matic

If you are creating tutorial videos, a screen recorder is one tool you’ll need. Especially if you need to record your computer screen or maybe your phone. One of the best tool I’ve used for screen recording is screencast-o-matic. It will let you record for 15 minutes if you are on the free version. That’s a lot compare to other screen recorder’s free version. Although, the free version will come with a watermark. 

When you buy a subscription for $20 a month, you’ll get an unlimited recording plus a video editor where you can edit your recordings. If you also do voiceovers, you can also do that at the video editor itself. One more thing I love about screencast-o-matic is it can generate an automated caption for your video! How awesome is that! Another feature of the paid subscription is the green screen filter, which I haven’t had the chance to use yet. 

AI-Powered Video Editing Software

lumen5 logoLumen5

With AI-powered video editor, you don’t need to create a video from scratch. The video editor will do it for you, and you’ll just have to edit or customize the video to your liking. This video editor is suitable for FYI videos or videos where you don’t want your face on it.  

Lumen5 has a free version where you can create and download three videos, with a watermark, every month. If you subscribe to any of their subscriptions, the number of downloads will increase.

What I like about Lumen5 is that they have a lot of stock videos and photos to choose from. The voiceover has been a recent update that they’ve added to the software too.  Motion graphics are also very professional looking, so it’s a major plus on your videos.


Vidnami, or formerly called Content Samurai is, I think, the most known AI video editor. It’s one of the first AI video editor that comes out of the market. It has the most amount of features on all three AI video editors being compared in this article.

With a $49 subscription of Vidnami, you can create unlimited videos from thousands of royalty-free images, video clips,, and sound tracks. Personally, one of its best features is the text-to-speech voices.

Maybe one drawback is that it doesn’t have a free or basic version. You can only sign up for a 14-day trial if you want to try the platform.


Invideo is a new software released in the market. With Invideo, you can get 60 downloads a month of 15-minute videos on its free version.

They also have premium stock photos and videos that you can use. You can also choose from thousands of handcrafted templates on their free version and premium templates on their paid version. It also comes with an automated text-to-speech feature just like Vidnami.  One key feature of Invideo is that it has reseller rights, meaning, you can actually sell your videos to others.

Video Editing Apps

kinemaster logo, a video editing software or appKinemaster

One of the most popular video editing app that phone users use is Kinemaster. It’s a much more powerful video editing app compared to others because it has more features like chroma key, voiceovers, and audio enhancements. You will get a watermarked video if you are going to use the free version or you can buy a subscription for $20 a year. 

Maybe one downside I see about Kinemaster is that it can take much more time to render videos especially if you are going to use several effects. 

inshot logoInshot

Inshot is a much more basic video editing app than Kinemaster. It doesn’t have that many features. It’s mostly used for trimmings, text inlays, and maybe some backgrounds. The free version will also have a watermark. But you can buy a subscription for $10 per year to remove the watermark. 

That’s it for the video editors that you can use for any kind of videos that you might create. Please share this article with people who you think might need them. Tell me what video editing software are you using right now on the comment box. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates. ‘Till our next article!


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